Apostleship of the Sea


(Under the Patronage of Our Lady Stella Maris)


Registered Charity No 1069833

About AOS

AOS is outreach of the Catholic Church to international seafarers world wide. It is an Agency of the Catholic Church.

We all rely on seafarers for our well being as 95% of world trade is carried by ship. Around 1 million seafarers visit our shore each year and around 60% of these are Catholic

All can work away from home for up to 12 months and face loneliness, danger and exploitation.

Our Mission

AOS reaches out to all seafarers in the name of Christ and enables Catholics among them to attend mass on board ship or in a local parish. Through effective Christian witness, personal contact and the distribution of Christian literature, AOS works to encourage Christian life aboard ship.


AOS stands alongside seafarers when their rights are ignored and campaigns for their rights to be recognised and upheld internationally. AOS encourages an awareness of the personal dignity of the seafarer whose existence can be overlooked in a globalised industry.


AOS looks after those seafarers who are abandoned in port and those who are sick or injured through accidents on board. During the winter months we provide essential warm clothing to seafarers from warmer climes.


We welcome seafarers to warm and friendly ecumenical centres where they can telephone or email loved ones at home. They can relax at the bar, play pool or visit the Chapel for a service of quiet prayer and reflection.

Why AOS?

In today’s global maritime industry, turn around in port is very short, putting seafarers under stress and limiting time ashore

While seafarers deliver 95% of the world’s trade, to most people they are invisible. But they are our brothers and sisters and the presence of Christ in our midst.

Under the guidance of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, AOS aims to be a beacon to all seafarers, regardless of race, colour or creed.

Become Involved with the Apostleship of the Sea

Your local representatives are
Mark Kemis-Betty Tel: 01305 813895
Ian Hollows Tel: 01305 778262
Allen Ford Tel: 01305 788771 email: 

Contact any of these to find out about volunteering and support activities.

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