Lay Dominicans


The black dog with the torch in its mouth is a Dominican emblem.

In Latin wordplay, it portrays Dominicans, the Domini Canes – Hounds of the Lord, as faithful followers of Christ, carrying the torch of Christian faith to the world.

The Dominicans are also known as the Black Friars

Dominican Laity


The Dominican Laity are lay people, men and women of all ages, who feel that by attachment to the Order of St. Dominic, with its traditions and ideals, they can improve their Christian living and so be better able to help others, whatever their needs


The Dominicans are an Order of Preachers, but preaching can be done by numerous means and, for lay people, perhaps best by example and by understanding, sympathy and patience-in such things as visiting the sick and the aged, helping the young, doing catechetical work, being members of other organisations doing specific work, for some by reading and further study, if they have such an aptitude.


The history of the Order, its traditions, the lives of its numerous members, saints or otherwise, religious or lay, will help us in our work and help us to face the many problems of modern living. All groups must have some regulations, for the sake of unity and smooth organisation, but these are kept to a minimum. It is better to add of one's own free will than to be loaded down with observances and obligations. The object of Dominican Life is to enrich its members in all things, not to increase their difficulties.


Most Dominican Laity are formed into groups which meet once a month, for prayer and discussion, with Mass when this is possible. The form of public prayer followed is that of the Church, with Psalms and Scripture readings. Those who seek admission are on probation for a year, so that they may fully understand what they are undertaking; for the next three years they make a simple profession and then, finally, for life if they so wish. Thus they become full members of the Dominican Order, sharing in its work throughout the world, in parishes and Universities, on the Missions and anywhere else the Order may be working, being united in prayer and love.


Contacts for more information:


the Provincial President: Patrick Doyle  


the Provincial Secretary: Anna Baidoun


the Provincial Promoter: Rev Dr Richard Conrad OP



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