Minutes: 18th November 2008

Mary Wilkins (Secretary)

Persons Present: Fr Stephen, Pauline Toohey, Mary Wilkins, Sister Maria, Nancy Brook, Anne Hall, Suzanne Newson, Deacon Geoffrey Carey, Deacon Wilf Westlake and Jim Logan.

Apologies for absence: Apologies were received and accepted from Tony Keane and Alicia Watkins.

Opening Prayers: Fr Stephen opened the meeting with prayers.

Approval Of The Minutes: Members unanimously approved the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 30th September 2008.

1. Feedback on the Diocesan Pastoral Council, specifically on 'Home is a Holy Place', New Missal translation and Stewardship Nancy Brook represents our Deanery on the Diocesan Pastoral council. The Deanery Forum is well represented with Sister Maria and Deacon Geoffrey Carey sitting with Nancy Brook. To develop the deanery plan from the brochure was the main item of discussion. It was reported that 16 young people from Weymouth attended the 150 years celebration in Plymouth with Dorset being the best represented county.

'Home is a Holy Place'- Parish packs given out. The second part to 'listening 2000' is aimed at bridging the gap between home and parish life .A copy has been given to our school where they hope to use it in the New Year.

The Bishops conference is actively translating the New Missal with several of the responses being different. (Go to the American bishop's website for translation).

The diocesan has ongoing stewardship with work on the practical side.

The parish directory is being organised over sections with its contents by Suzanne Newson, who briefly explained her work in progress.

2. 'Home Prayer Cards' These are linked with Home is a Holy Place, using notes and DVD's. The idea is to lead up to Sunday. There is a move to use them with a larger group of parishioners, rather than just a small evening prayer group. These cover twelve months looking at what is practical. Exeter deanery issued a prayer card - follow pattern. The cards had a simple background with example of night prayers. Tips are given for example on atmosphere etc. These are hoped to be up and distributed in the New Year.

3. Christmas Mass Times These are to be published in the newsletter.

4. Sideman/Ushers/Pass keepers It was suggested whether two people would be willing to seat parishioners at the busy masses. Also to assist in the parking of cars in the church car park allowing as many cars safely parked for the mass. The request will be advertised in the newsletter.

5. Update on Building Progress Basic drawings have been made and the cost is estimated to be between 1.1 - 1.3 million. Father Stephen has written to the Bishop asking to be allowed to use local architects from Weymouth / Bridport. The original testing firm has been contacted to advise whether the project should be carried out in three stages or all at once. (The three stages would be first the church, then the house and finally the car park). Certain things can be started now:

The cross behind the altar needs to be moved temporarily to allow removal of the window behind the altar to make one large wall.

A disabled ramp is to be fitted on the sanctuary to enable access for disabled parishioners to read the lessons.

6. Deanery Day - Dorchester It would be lovely for the parish to have its own mobile banner. This would give a project for the parish to work in unity together designing and making.

7. Any other business

Pauline reported that five more people were interested in her pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The book of the Gospel needs to have a more conspicuous cover to allow it to stand out. There was also a request for a display book for the bidding prayers to be used at St Augustine's church.

Deacon Geoffrey had spoken to parishioners regarding discussing scriptures and he is willing to take a group, allowing for questions and answers.

8. The meeting ended with a prayer.

9. Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 3rd February 7.30pm at St Joseph's hall.

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Minutes: 30th September 2008 (Back to Top)

Mary Wilkins (Secretary)

Persons Present: Fr Stephen, Tony Keane, Mary Wilkins, Sister Maria, Nancy Brook, Anne Hall, Suzanne Newson, Deacon Geoffrey Carey and Alicia Watkins.

Apologies for absence: Apologies were received and accepted from Jim Logan, Pauline Toohey and Ralph Johnson.

Opening Prayers: Fr Stephen opened the meeting with prayers.

Welcome: The chair welcomed Alicia Watkins to the meeting.

Approval Of The Minutes: Members unanimously approved the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 15th July 2008.

1. Parish Building Group The Historic Churches survey has informed us that they would list St Joseph's church if an application to pull it down was submitted. Instead major renovation can be done keeping the architectural features and extending both external walls out and the choir loft two and a half to three times larger, accommodating one hundred. Enlarging the entrance porch to furnish with the hymn books, display boards etc before entering into the main church. The entrance porch remaining in the same place. The extended areas broader and long with partitioning of wood and maybe glazed, which could be opened up for overflow occasions. Perhaps a smaller chapel for the young children on one side and the other a kitchen / tea area, which could seat between seventy and eighty.

The house would possibly have an extra floor with the ground level accommodating three or four meeting rooms, which could be used for children's liturgy etc. The second floor for administration and above for the living accommodation.

The existing altar to be situated further back and use the altar from St Augustine's to the front.

The aim is to part glaze the roof allowing for adequate lighting and ventilation. The porch would also be able to be used for extra seating at Easter /Christmas with partitioning opening up to allow for this.

The plinths inside would have to remain, as fighting to remove them would take time and cost. It would be better to come to an agreeable solution. The first steps are to have the ground tested.

The cost for this project is between 1 and 1.3 million pounds. To achieve the above and with the bishop's permission it may be possible to use St Augustine's as a parish centre.

2. Parish Spiritual Programme.

Sunday Mass the most important but we should show that we have spiritual life in other prayer groups, rosary groups etc. Starting next week October devotions. On the exception of holidays, high days, that a few hours a week the Blessed Sacrament be exposed, but must have someone in the church. At the moment questions as to where with two churches being used. Suggested alternating churches or which one to use? Making parishioners more aware of prayer groups. It was decided that St Joseph's would host the October devotions on Thursdays at 2.00pm.

Two parishioners suggested bible studies and Deacon Geoffrey Carey offered to speak to them.

3. Closure of Parish hall (St Joseph's) Letters have gone out to all groups who rent, giving them time to find an alternative hall.

4. Social Coordinator. Having two buildings but only one parish it has been suggested that no advertising or arranging events within the parish without first contacting the parish secretary. This will coordinate events and they will be logged in the parish diary. It has been suggested that parish events on a Saturday evening would start from 7.30pm allowing parishioners who attend the 6pm mass a chance to attend.

5. Mass Times at Christmas.

The children's mass will be at St Joseph's at 6.00pm. Midnight mass at St Joseph's. Christmas day 10.00am at St Augustine's. These times and churches will be advertised in November.

6. Second Collections. LIFE (J.Fannon) has asked for a support collection. As parish priest Father Stephen is willing to allow this collection but it has to go through the finance committee. Father would like a minimum of two collections on suitable dates only.

7. Water and Refuge Collection Charges. Charities treated as exempt from water / sewage charges. Concern as some places in the north being charged with charges going up dramatically as mentioned in the press. At the moment not being charged but something to consider when building eg: drainage from car park into soak away. Refuge collection free at present.

8. Any other business. A letter requesting possibility of having a bus stop at the lay by next to the church. The letter will be passed on to Robert Lennis in the planning group. Deacon Wilf Westlake is to resume his duties in the parish after being off sick. Dr. J.deKretser has been accepted to become a Deacon. He is on the second part of the course.

9. Date of next meeting. Tuesday 18th November 7.30pm at St Joseph's hall.

10. The meeting ended with a prayer.

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Minutes: 15th July 2008(Back to Top)

Mary Wilkins (Secretary)

Persons Present: Fr Stephen, Tony Keane, Pauline Toohey, Mary Wilkins, Sister Maria, Nancy Brook, Anne Hall, Jim Logan, Suzanne Newson and Ralph Johnson.

Apologies for absence: Apologies were received and accepted from Deacon Geoffrey Carey.

Opening Prayers Fr Stephen opened the meeting with prayers.

Approval Of The Minutes Members unanimously approved the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 22nd April 2008.

1. Parish Building Group The Historic Churches Association is considering listing St Joseph's Church. If it was to be pulled down then they would list the church. A discussion between our archetect and the architect from Historic Churches was to take place to find out more information regarding the refurbishment etc.

2. Items for discussion:

a/ Inventory of items at St Joseph's already listed. One to be complied for St Augustine's working clockwise around church, with photographs for insurance puposes.To be done ready for storage

b/ Which organ should be kept from the two churches. A professional will decide.

c/ Is there a need to provide transportation for parishioners to the St Joseph's site. Offers of car share already in place and other offers available.

d/ Investigate graves in the grounds of St Augustine's church and what can be done with regards to moving them. John Fannon to be asked to look into finding the information required.

e/ Investigate donated items in St Joseph's and St Augustine's church. Items donated to the churches will be recorded individually. It would be hoped to move stained glass windows from St Augustine's to the new church. Also altar in storage would be found a home.

3. Safeguarding (Child Protection ) Louise Blair has stepped down from this position. Katy Hall is now attending to the paperwork belonging to the parish office. The use of the computer to access personal details for C.R.B. checking will be in the the parish but several more to be added and will only be accessible by the Safeguard team.

Concerns over going out with the Eucharist to the housebound as to how the ministers are covered in someone elses home. Any anxieties should be reported to the Nursing home and to the Safeguard team immediately.

4. Handouts to look and read The American handouts showed a different culture - very big - stands out with communication/details of everyone but interesting to read and a taster of what others do.

The Time and Talent volunteer opportunities - together- look at what we have now. Ideas of putting together explanation of what everyone does with a contact list. Nancy,Pauline and Suzanne offered to draw up a contact list for each group in the parish.

5. Feedback from Deanery & Diocesan meeting

Deanery Catholic Youth Service - New chair Matthew Wilkins. Plymouth Cathedral 150 years on 4th October.Are we sending a group? Leweston had to be cancelled due to the weather but 80 planning to attend.

Deanery Forum- - no meeting.

Diocesan Pastoral Council - Team working on 'stewardship' and how to launch it in the parishes.Also, how to launch the second stage of 'listening 2004 ' which is 'Home is a Holy Place.' There is a dvd with the three stages on but will be looked again before sending out to the parishes.(from the Bishops conference).

Robert Draper has written some guidance on doing a parish audit which should be online by January 2009.

Chris Jarvis did update on Safeguarding.

There should be a new Dean in September.

6. Reply from Stephen Mason re letter point 6 last meeting Mr Mason is willing to supply the churches with information and paintings from the children at the school,starting in September the new school year. The first Mass will be in St Joseph's church on the 12th September.

Sister Aquin enjoying her new position at the school.

7. Any Other business Suggestion for social to bring English and Polish parishioners together to learn each others customs. Suggested Alicia Watkins be invited to Parish Council meeting to ask her if willing about the Polish Catholic traditions. Letter to invite her to be sent for next meeting.

8. Date of next meeting This was arranged for Tuesday 9th September and will be held in St Joseph's hall at 7.30 pm.

9. The meeting ended with a prayer.

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Minutes: 22nd April 2008(Back to Top)

Mary Wilkins (Secretary)

1. Opening of the Meeting The meeting was opened with a prayer and welcomed Ralph Johnson.

2. Present Fr Stephen, Pauline Toohey, Mary Wilkins, Sister Maria, Nancy Brook, Anne Hall, Jim Logan, Deacon Geoffrey Carey and Ralph Johnson. Apologies were received from Fr Kieran, Tony Keane and Suzanne Newson.

3. Approval of the Minutes The minutes from Parish Council meeting held on the 13th February 2008 were submitted for approval.Members unanimously approved.

4. Production and Distribution of the Agenda A copy of the Agenda would be on the notice board in both churches a week before the next meeting. The Agenda would be discussed a fortnight before meeting. Any other Business would be small items or would put as part of the next Agenda.

5. Parish Mass Times Fr Stephen reminded the Council that at the time the decision was taken to switch to three Masses being said in two churches each weekend it was also that the situation would be watched and if changes were necessary these would be considered. Experience to date has shown that the 11am Mass St Augustine's is becoming extremely crowded and it may be preferable to move this Mass to St Joseph's with the 9am Mass being said at St Augustine's.

The 11 am Mass would become the Family Mass with elements of the High Mass transferring to the 9am Mass. In addition Eucharistic Ministers going to the housebound will go out from the 9.00 Mass.

Fr Stephen said that he was in discussion with Sister Cecily about the music for each Mass and the discussions would include the wider group of musicians with a meeting for all being held within a month. Fr Stephen informed the members that a drum set was being purchased for use in the church.

Fr Stephen explained that a Parish Liturgy Group was in the progress of forming and would, with the Parish Priest, aim to oversee and ensure good liturgical practice within the parish

There would also be training for the Altar Servers. There was a request for resources for the older Liturgy group. All would be advertised.

6. Parish School Sister Aquin has agreed to be the school Chaplin. Sister will start with an 'Empty Canvas' and encourage parishioners closer to the school and the school closer to the parish. The school is a very important extension of the parish with the buildings owned by the Diocese. It was suggested that part of the notice boards in each church and hall advertise the school with the school newsletter, promoting the school website and provide information for enrolment. A letter would be drawn up between the vice chair and secretary and sent to Mr Mason - Head teacher proposing these ideas.

7. Parish Building Committee (update) There will be a meeting on the 1st May when it is hoped that a decision is made on the best way forward.

8 Parish Meeting A general meeting of the parish Of Our Lady Star of the Sea will take place on Tuesday 6th May in St Joseph's hall starting at 7.30pm. At this meeting the accounts for the parishes of St. Augustine's, St. Joseph's, and St Andrew's for the year 2007/2008 will be available as will the proposed budget for the parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea for the year 2008/2009. It is hoped a more definitive proposal for the future including the site of a new parish church will be set out.

9. Parish Summer Fair Father Stephen was asked if the summer fair would continue this year as a single parish. It had been suggested that a small sub committee be formed with representatives from each parish. Ralph Johnson volunteered for St. Augustine's. The date and time to go ahead as normal.

10. Any other business

a/ Concern was expressed that there seemed to be some 'private' fund raising going which appeared to be harming the main fund raising activities in the parish. It was agreed that this would be better dealt with as a separate item at the next meeting.

b/ The Council was informed that it is 30 years since the Youth Club was formed in Weymouth and a celebration mass on the 20th September at the 6.00 Mass, inviting guests from previous years. This was agreed.

c/ A request for the parish newsletter to add the Sunday of the following week on the front. Mrs Hall said she would look into it but explained the font had to remain at a certain size.

d/ An enquiry as to funding a bus from Preston to 6.00pm Mass. However, there is no trust fund anymore.

11. Date of next meeting Tuesday 1st July at St. Joseph's hall at 7.30pm.

12. End of the meeting The meeting closed with a prayer.

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