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One World Group AGM

The ONE WORLD GROUP held their AGM in St Joseph's Hall on Tuesday 13th January at 7.30pm.

Please click here to obtain a copy of the minutes.

THANK YOU for all your support for the Christmas One World Group raffles. The raffle for a Christmas Cake (donated by Freda Apark) raised 126 for relief in the Congo (won by Ann Gaughan) The Dorchester Chocolates donated by the makers (won by Ralph Johnson) raised 95 for the One World Group. God bless you.

The LIFE GROUP held their AGM in St Joseph's Hall on Wednesday 14th January at 7.30pm. Please click here to obtain a report of proceedings.

Thank for for your continuing help and support!

The Bard The Burns Night Supper was held in St Augustine's Hall on Saturday 24th January at 7.30pm. in support of the LIFE Group fund raising. So far, (after allowing for expenses) 348.80 has been raised for the local LIFE Group.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who put so much effort into making this evening a tremendous success, and those who cooked and donated delicious meals and desserts.

Our grateful thanks also to Our Lady Star of the Sea for the use of the parish hall and to Father Geddes for carrying out the ceremony of addressing the haggis, despatching it, and saying the Selkirk grace.

Here are some pictures recording the evening. Derek Hughes paraded the Haggis and Father Geddes addressed it with the Bard's famous poem

parade address
"Fair fa' your honest sonsie face,
great chieftain o' the puddin-race! ...."

Having intoned this declaration of barbaric splendour, Father Geddes dispatched the Haggis and and invoked the Selkirk Grace.

After everyone had eaten their fill, the evening ended with Scottish Dancing, and singing from Hymn song books provided for the occasion.

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A group of Catechists from our Parish, together with Matthew Wilkins, one of our Youth Leaders and Stephen Mason Headteacher of St Augustine's Primary School attended the Annual Diocesan Conference in Bournemouth on the weekend of 16th - 18th January.

This year we were joined by participants from neighbouring Portsmouth Diocese. The theme of the Conference is taken from the Sunday readings so throughout the weekend we reflected on Jesus' invitation to his disciples to 'Come and See' and to extend that same invitation to others.

The entire weekend was a wonderful injection of spiritual energy and enthusiasm brought about by thought provoking keynote lectures by Fr Denis McBride, an internationally known writer and lecturer on the New Testament, workshops led by our two Bishops, priests, teachers and Catechists, music by Jo Boyce and Mike Stanley to inspire and animate the Liturgy and time to pray, relax, share ideas, meet new friends and be joyful. .

We returned home after this adventure in faith, feeling more affirmed and confident that, with God's help, we can respond positively in passing on the great gift we have received as we minister in our school and parish. .

Fr Denis said in his closing remarks that if we can all answer yes from our hearts to the question Jesus asked Peter 'Do you love me?' then that love will undoubtedly overflow to others

The picture shows our group enjoying a moment of relaxation (from left to right) Sister Damian, Sister Maria, Fr Denis McBride, Ann Liles, Matthew Wilkins, Anne Hall, Pat Lea and Stephen Mason

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